Barrel aged whiskey beer + a very unique bonus bottle

In our series of big and strong beers that have been aged in whiskey barrels, we have just released 5 new beers: 4 Imperial Stouts and 1 Barleywine.
They've all been laid down, gathering the juiciest notes of oak and whiskey after 14-15 months in fresh Bourbon and Rye Whiskey barrels.
Barrels that we have ordered directly from Kentucky
These 5 beers - all on large 75cl bottles - can now be ordered directly from Amager Bryghus to a parcel shop near you.
AND we're including a unique bonus beer in the package, namely 'Lucifer's Last Stand' from our Tiny Batch series, which is otherwise ONLY available in the shop at the brewery. It's a hard-boiled little thing at 33 cl. and 14.5%.

The price is 795,- kr - and shipping is included.

If you buy 2 or more boxes, we give a 10% discount.

Note: we can only ship to addresses in Denmark

Scroll down and see the descriptions below.

795,00 kr.

When buying 2 boxes, 10% discount.

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The 6 whiskey beers are as follows:

Belle Starr, 75 cl.
13,2% Wheated Bourbon barrel-aged double-malted Imperial Coffee Stout
Barrel: Old Fitzgerald Wheated Bourbon, 17 months

Sam Bass, 75 cl.
13,5% Rug Whiskey barrel aged double mash Imperial Stout with Tonka beans
Barrel: Wilderness Trail Rye Whiskey, 15 months

Clay Allison, 75 cl.
13,0% Wheated Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Cocoa nibs
Barrel: Weller Special Reserve Bourbon, 15 months

Billy Brooks, 75 cl.
12.8% Bourbon Cask-Aged Double Malted Oat Imperial Stout
Barrel: Woodford Reserve Bourbon, 15 months

Laura Bullion, 75 cl.
12,4% Bourbon Barley Wine
Barrel: Blanton's Bourbon, 15 months


Tiny Batch Series: Lucifer's Last Stand, 33 cl.
14.5% Bourbon barrel-aged and double-malted Imperial Stout with Tonka beans
Cask: Old Forester, 30 months

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